Monday, April 13, 2009

Important cake news

I, in trying to be adventuresome, have offered to make the "wedding cake" for my boyfriend's mother and step father in 3 weeks. And "wedding cake" is in quotes because they actually got married last fall, and had a small reception, but are having a bigger party at the beach in late April. I'm not 100% sure why. Here's the tricky thing: Sam actually made the offer, but neglected to ask any of the important questions, such as, oh, how many people will be at the party, what kind of cake do you like, what kind of decorations, etc. So. I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Quite literally.

I'm thinking something very simple and elegant. What I would really like to do is do a simple white or ivory icing with maybe some cornelli lace (or something similar) and then cover the cake with edible flowers. I believe nasturtiums are edible, as well as pansies... I'm not sure what else. Or where to get them!!!


  1. I think I've seen edible pansies on sale at whole foods . . . i hope that helps!


  2. clare! you are so crafty. i wish we didn't live on opposite coasts so we could get together and have a crafty bitches party. (i just finished a dress for my friend's baby that was seriously so cute i didn't want to give it up so i could use it to show people how awesome my crafting skills are. [not]). anyways, i just wanted to offer my advice here since i also offered to make the cake for said baby's baptism/1 year birthday party: think about the transportation factor. my cake was all lopsided from having no one to carry it on their lap on the 45 min. drive to the party location. it was a freaking bitch and i was a nervous wreck trying to drive a stick shift and hold on to it at the same time. good luck! (by the looks of your previous efforts you won't even need it)

  3. Y - THANK YOU. That helps a ton! I was doing some research today and I think pansies are really the best option. Nasturtiums apparently have a peppery taste and are used in more savory dishes. So not so good here.

    Allison - It's so great to hear from you! Do you have pictures of the baby dress? I have been doing a little sewing, but mostly bags - I don't do clothes - I'm too nervous about it not fitting. Good call on the transportation. Sam has a Jeep, so I imagine I'll put it in the back, which is flat, and tell him to drive very carefully (the 3 1/2 hours to the beach). Or I will sit in the trunk WITH the cake??

  4. Clarabelle, try the Farmer's Market for pansies... I know we often have them at the Carrboro market. Good luck!