Monday, February 2, 2015

A Lovely Cake for a Lovely Couple

My wonderful friends Emily and Stephen shared a joint 30th birthday party this weekend. Emily's birthday is in December, and Stephen's birthday is in March, so they decided to co-celebrate at the end of January!

They are a fun, sophisticated, and lovely couple, so they needed a fun, sophisticated, and lovely cake. The colors were black, white, and metallic, so we obviously went with that in a gender-neutral theme. To support the celebration, we of course went with a 2-tiered champagne cake with champagne Swiss Meringue buttercream icing. This gave me the opportunity to try a new recipe, as well as a new decorating technique. I was also able to test out the timelapse function in my iPhone camera! Super fun.

If you don't know about damming your filling, you should - adding an icing dam
around the edge of your cake is critical to ensuring that your filling doesn't leak
out when you stack your layers!
Such a fun and sophisticated theme!
I was worried there wouldn't be enough cake, so I made
cake pops dusted with gold and silver stars as well.
Spoiler alert: there was definitely enough cake!
Check out this spread!
And check out this gorgeous couple!
If you are interested, here's my timelapse. I definitely need to figure out a better setup/location for my phone, but this app is pretty impressive (even with this horrible angle!):

Thank you to Emily and Stephen for inviting me to be a part of their celebration!


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