Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big changes

Some big changes over here - this post is way overdue! Just over a year ago, I was offered a job at Wilton Brands, Inc. Certainly not for my cake decorating 'skills,' but for my skills in market research! I am now the Senior Manager, Consumer Insights for Wilton Enterprises, so I lead all market research initiatives for Wilton (bakeware, cake decorating supplies), as well as for Copco (housewares).

This, of course, was not an opportunity I could pass up, so I relocated from Durham, NC to Chicago, IL. Despite now working for the leading brand in baking and cake decorating, my baking activity has plummeted - guess that is what happens when you move from a 2,400 sf house to a 780 sf apartment (with no dishwasher)!

But, no worries, I've still got some tricks up my sleeve...

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