Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrabble cake

One of Kate's good friends is having a Jack & Jill wedding shower today. Both the bride and groom are avid Scrabble players, and the theme for the shower is Trivia, so a Scrabble cake seemed particularly appropriate!

After frosting the entire cake, I used a ruler to measure out the 15 x 15 grid on this 12 inch square cake. Then, I used pearl dusting sugar and "painted" the colored squares. Then I used white frosting to pipe over the lines. The letter tiles are made from dark and white chocolate - I melted the chocolates and piped the letters on waxed paper ahead of time so they hardened into individual candies.

Can you tell what 7-letter word can be spelled using the extra tiles?


  1. This cake was WONDERFUL! It made the party. Thank you so much Clare!