Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy birthday to Winston!

My realtor's son turns 5 today, and they asked me if I could do some dinosaur cake pops for his party. At first I couldn't figure out HOW I would do such a thing. Spherical dinosaurs? But after playing around with a couple of ideas (and with a lot of great input from my friends), I figured it out!

A group of stegosauruses. Stegosauri?

And a pterodactyl!

But why stop there? 

I figured a birthday party is not a birthday party without a candle to blow out. And you can't put a candle in a cake pop. So, I decided to make a prehistoric scene, complete with winding river and volcano. See the finished product below!!!

The "prehistoric" landscape

Close-up of the cake volcano

I think the dinosaurs feel at home, don't you?

It's the big 5.0! 

Happy birthday, Winston, I hope you had a great party!


  1. Clare,
    Cute, creative, and colorful! FUN!!!

    What was the report from the birthday boy and his friends?

  2. so awesome! your new hidden talent! :)

  3. Winston and his friends (and all the moms and dads at the party) absolutely loved the fabulous display and the cake pops. Many of the parents took your card, Clare, so hopefully some more business will come your way. The display and the pops were so special and far and away more beautiful and creative than we imagined they would be. They also tasted great, too. How do you keep the cake so moist? Clare, thanks for making Winston's birthday so special!